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by rorytucker

What is the best headset for comfort and quality for glasses wearers?
I am looking for user recommendations for a headset for Skype and music that I could wear comfortably for a few hours.
  • Needs to fit comfortably while wearing glasses
  • Mostly used for Skype
  • But would like to only use one headset at my desk (I currently have a 2nd pair for music)
  • Needs to block external noise a bit too
  • Wireless would be nice
  • Mac / USB
  • Currently have Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000

by corgan

What is the proper way to wear buds/IEMs?
This past month I've made the transition from Sennheiser HD 497s and eH350s and made my first leap into buds, settling on a discounted pair of Sennheiser IE7s.
The sound these put out is pretty decent, but I've got a major complaint that, as a first time bud user, I hope you all could help with.
Going through the assortment of tips that came with the buds, I've found I prefer the foam to silicone, but to get good sound on either the silicone or the foam, the buds have to be pressed deeply into the... Read more →

by swin1974

Great, In Ear, Sound Isolating, Headphones for iPhone?
After 4 years of every day use, my Shure EC 102, In Ear. Noise Cancelling headphones are finally on the fritz.
I like, that they go deep in my ear, and that the cable goes over the back of my ear, and that they cancel unwanted noise pretty well, and are extremely comfy, (10 hour flight, recently, no problem), and they work with my iPhone..
I don't want, big, over the ear, late night radio talk show host, headphones, cos they make my ears hot. (my wife has a great pair of Sennheisers, I've... Read more →

by cjtylr

Best in-ear headphones?
Hey guys,

I recently misplaced my Apple In-Ear Headphones, which honestly didn't thrill me too much, so I don't mind. At any rate, as you might be able to tell by the title, I'm looking for your opinions on the best In-Ear headphones.

Noise canceling is okay.


by kuroken

connection problem?
While I listen music with my MX W1 and iPod, the sound is interrupted once in a while. well, it's not something like totally disconnected, the sound is intermittent less than a second. it's not happen when I use DigiFi Opera S5 with MX W1's transmitter. so it's seems like MX W1 receiver's problem. does anyone have same problem? by the way, Opera S5 is pretty nice. but compare to MX W1, it's still feels wired.

by sagexsdx

Average length of life
My pair went on the fritz a couple days ago (7/13/09) and became mono (right channel wasn't getting a good connection). Looking at my gmail history, i ordered the pair 7/8/08 so they lasted roughly a year. Is everyone else getting a similar experience?