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by Fulo00

Requirements to add LCD TV to Database?
I have a Sharp Aquos TV model LC-42A49L, I tried adding it to the database but it was rejected for some unexplained reason, are there any special requirements for TV`s?

This model is either discontinued or sold regionally to Latin America because I`ve been unable to locate the OEM website for this product to reference but I did list the link to the website from the electronics store where I bought it (in spanish).

by garen

Can i use Zune service on Kin Onem?
Last week i have ordered a Kin Onem. I have bought it for using on Wi-Fi network or for Zune service like a Zune player. As you know it is a CDMA phone. So it is not supported in my country, therefore i won't be using it as phone. However i don't clearly know but i hope i will use it with my Zune account and Zune software any ideas? Additionally, i read many forums saying that i have to activate the phone from Verizone web site. Do i have to activate or unlock it to be able to use on Wi-Fi...

by ryan

Which 60-inch+ HDTV should I buy?
So Veronica ( ) and I are in the market, and we were looking at something in the 60 to 65-inch range, but I've heard the latest-gen Sharps are really not all that impressive. Anyone spent some quality time with these? (I'm looking at the LC-60E88UN pretty closely at the moment, but it doesn't look like it's gotten much attention.) Further, anyone have any other 60-inch+ recommends they'd like to toss our way?