February 21st 2010 3:00 am

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tokao tokao

Great 10mm lens. I cannot live without it. Check what you can do at flickr for instance (http://www.flickr.com/groups/sigma10-20/pool/) it is amazing!.

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riondotnu riondotnu

I am a huge fan of Sigma lenses. They are compact, sharp, silent, and solid performers. This particular lens has your usual distortion (fixable), vignetting, lens flare, etc. and 20mm > 10mm, but it's really a great lens for the price and I've been really happy with the photos I've gotten from...

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iMario iMario

Not the sharpest lens out there, but 10mm is why you get this one. Standard Sigma build quality. Not a plastic toy. Over time the color coating will start to peel though, but it's just aesthetic moment. I keep this one and 30mm on my camera most of the time....

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JosephGS JosephGS

This lens is a great budget version of the more expensive canon 10-22. I would recommend the Sigma to everyone who wants a wide angle lens for video as the motor focuses FAST and is silent. The fact that it costs less than the brand, and gives you 90% is reason enough to buy it. Those of you...

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