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by thenns

which headphones should i get?
I don't know much about headphones, but I'm looking to upgrade. So far I've only used skullcandy headphones, which I hear have terrible sound quality, though they sound ok to me. So I'm looking for something a little bit better with better durability. My budget is $100-150.

I'll be using these for gaming and music. I don't really care if they're portable or not.

by fourblades

Getting a little annoyed
So I've liked this headset for a while but I've been getting really annoyed that I keep having to replace them because connection from the chord to the jack itself seem to always break; pretty much only one side of the earphone working and the other dead. It's nice that I can always return and exchange it but must I do it 6 times? Tomorrow will be my 7th since I have to grab my receipt again to trade it in. I'm debating if I should do it and just sell it on ebay. I'm not... Read more →

by theevil

Muffled Sound!!
I was really exited to get these but the second i plugged them into my phone i realized they where crap!!! The sound is all muffled and they have an aversion to base!!! i had to turn the base right up on my phone to get a decent beat!!! and it still sounds like i have cotton wool in my ears!!! Does anyone else have the same problem??