July 9th 2009 8:50 pm

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SadBoring SadBoring

As a provider supplied product, users have no choice but to use this box if they want to receive Sky HD. The box has generally proven to be unreliable. I have had numerous problems with mine, such as recordings failing due with "no signal" errors, freezes, slow EPG browsing and more. A common...

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d0mth0ma5 d0mth0ma5

Simply the best way to view television (certainly in the UK, and from my experience better than what the US networks have to offer). A great product, now in HD.

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fryry fryry

good content, plenty of channels, recording is simple and allows for you to record 2 channels at once. pretty robust library of on demand content. but there networking and interent connectivity is little to none in terms of features.

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scottgintheuk scottgintheuk

Upgraded hard drive to 1TB myself, as existing hard drive way to small especially for HD content. Also had to sort out power supply due to bad capacitors. I replaced all electrolytic capacitors which dealt with many crashes and problems with LNB.

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