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Fitness headphones have to be about more than just sounding good. They need to be comfortable, durable and secure in your ears while you exercise. The Sol Republic Relays do all of that, at an attractive sub-$100 price.

The Relays are ready to run right from the start, as The Wirecutter finds they "popped immediately into place" and "stay put without chafing or tugging." Pocket-Lint notes that each headphone "moulds to your ear as you put it in," which Digital Trends says "felt a little invasive at first, but we soon got used to it." The Relays are sweat- and water-resistant, which makes them ideal for many outdoor situations, and The Wirecutter notes that they are more than up to "the abuse that fitness headphones face on the daily."

Being tough doesn't mean a thing if you can't count on the Relays to deliver your favorite tunes while you exercise, and Pocket-Lint reports that they sound "marvellous," though "purists need not apply." ChipChick says the Relays are "a bit on the bassy side, but they’re very clear and rich in detail."

While fitness headphones usually involve some kind of compromise in comfort, durability or sound, the Sol Republic Relays deliver high marks across the board, making them an ideal exercise companion.

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The Wirecutter Jul 3, 2014

If I were looking for a pair of headphones to use in my workout, I’d want the Relays by Sol Republic. They are hands down the most comfortable headphones to wear while being active.

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PC Mag Jan 21, 2014

The affordable, exercise-oriented SOL Republic Relays are value-priced earphones that offers intense low-end for bass lovers.

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Pocket-Lint Apr 25, 2014

The Relays look good, feel good and sound great. We have no major complaints other than some minor moans about the included clip. ... Sol Republic continues to produce headphones that offer a lot in their price range and the Relays achieve top marks in both form and function.

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ChipChick Jan 26, 2014

The Sol Republic Relays have it all. You can wear them during extreme activity and not worry about them falling out or breaking from sweat, and you can wear them any other time and appreciate their rich audio experience.

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Digital Trends Jan 20, 2014

The Relays succeed wonderfully where so many others before them have failed: they stay put under pressure, and they do so comfortably.

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