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Offering a stylish and comfortable wireless design, the SOL REPUBLIC Tracks Air headphones are competitively priced but the sound profile isn't for everyone. The Tracks Air offer what PC Mag calls a "comfortable design," and ChipChick finds the overall style "hard to top." The Tracks Air have a tighter fit on the head, which allow for a "decent amount of noise isolation," according to Digital Trends. Unfortunately, the Tracks Air's appeal starts to drop off in the sound department, with PC Mag noting their "seriously boosted sub-bass," while Digital Trends says that overall they have a "very muddy sound signature." CNET wasn't thrilled with the sound either, but still says "they acquitted themselves quite well for Bluetooth headphones." If you are in need of a pair of wireless headphones, and enjoy a lower-end sound stage, the Tracks Air are worth your attention.

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CNET Feb 7, 2014

At $200, the Sol Republic Tracks Air aren't cheap, but they're better priced than some of the premium Bluetooth headphone competition -- and sound relatively good, too, with a strong feature set.

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PC Mag Dec 19, 2013

The SOL Republic Tracks Air are Bluetooth headphones that will appeal to lovers of powerful deep bass and drive away those seeking a balanced sound.

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ChipChick Feb 10, 2014

The design is great, both functionally and visually. The Airs a perfect example of what bluetooth headphones should be.

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Digital Trends Nov 28, 2013

If you love their modular, wireless design and dig a soft, bass-heavy sound, the Air may be an option for you. Otherwise, we recommend looking elsewhere.

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Gizmodo Oct 29, 2013

They sound familiar, driving with plenty of that Sol Republic bass while at the same time sounding balanced. They've got a lot of power for cans their size so don't explode your hearing like I almost did when I first slid them on.

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Mashable Oct 29, 2013

The Airs weren't that comfortable, either. I'm kind of spoiled since I'm used to Bose's absolutely pampering earcups in my regular QuietComfort 3 cans, but after an hour or so wearing the Tracks Air, they felt a little tight.

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product preview
SlashGear Oct 29, 2013

This piece of technology comes in black or white – of course – with interchangeable headband color for your enjoyment. Beyond that, it’s all new. Here you’ll be working with a 150-foot wireless range.

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blankspace blankspace

These are my 3rd pair of Sol Republics, and I've loved all of them. These are somewhere around the sound quality of the v8's, but I personally think they are slightly more comfortable, the downside to that is that the headband doesn't seem quite as durable (I can still bend it flat with no...

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