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CNET Sep 28, 2012

The Sonos Connect brings effortless wireless media streaming to existing hi-fi owners, but it's not the first Sonos system we'd recommend ... I'd only suggest this product if you already have an existing Sonos setup or are looking to get one.

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ubertaffy ubertaffy

Similar review for other Zone Players for the first couple of sentences. Those who are looking for gadgets to tinker with "to get right" may want to look elsewhere. If you want to spend 20 minutes setting up your system so that you can be listening to your music while tinkering with...

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KojakWeb KojakWeb

This is the perfect way to incorporate the Sonos way of doing things into a pre-existing stereo/av amplifier set up. You can input a stereo source into the device, and have that piped around to other Sonos devices as well. Over and above that, this shares all the advantages and disadvantages of...

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Derekl Derekl

I've tried various devices (PS3, Pure Digital Flow, Philips Streamium) but I should just have bitten the bullet and started with the Sonos. It simply works, reading music files from my LaCie Network Space (I think it was the slightly wonky Twonky on there which gave me grief), and the...

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