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  • Image quality an inch sensor inside a compact camera! with a Carl Zeiss lens f1.8 Need I say more! great!
  • Video quality I have not used it much however it seems quite good, sound is not that good and you can't easily add an external mic since there is no hot shoe good
  • Battery life lasts for days great!
  • Design and form factor solid build with an aluminium body, however quite hard to grip good
  • Durability so far only the Zeiss label is peeling the color has not faded, nor have the buttons great!
  • Speed (start-up time, lag) quite fast, Iv seen faster good
  • Ease of use really easy to use, maybe a bit too easy??!! great!
Detailed review
"the best camera I've ever used"I have owned many cameras in the past, SLRs, 4/3rd cameras and compacts. This is by far the best camera I have owned for all round aspects. Comparing to my Cannon EOS 400d I have found that the compact design of the RX100 means that I can fit it in my pocket with little difficulty, the picture quality is better as the lenses were quite low quality and compared to the f1.8 Carl Zeiss are not up to much more than snapshots.
Compared to all my other cameras they are far exceeded in quality by the RX100 however so does the price.
The price is the only down side to this camera, that and the upgraded camera the RX100 2. However now there is an update this camera has now become more affordable, and if you can manage without the tilted screen, nfc, wifi and hot shoe it is definitely worth going for this one.
The only bad thing with this camera, apart from the lack of viewfinder, is that it is hard to grip, so a bit dodgy to grip in one hand.

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