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  • Image quality Like any small sensor compact, images are noisy. No worse than comparable cameras, though, most of which are a little larger. good
  • Video quality Video is great for this type of camera. Would be nice to have a high-speed mode, though. great!
  • Battery life Near the top of the class for battery life. Only charges in-camera. An external charger is optional/extra. good
  • Design and form factor A little too small, and the next model up is a little too big. good
  • Durability I wouldn't drop it, not even once. Can't really rate any non-pro camera more than so-so on durability. Get a 3rd party warranty if you're concerned. so-so
  • Speed (start-up time, lag) It's fast. Really fast for a long zoom. great!
  • Ease of use Some of the menus could be easier, and some features seem limited (no 360 pano in vertical, no manual settings). Turn off "tile menus" to improve things. good
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As an advanced hobbyist, I wouldn't be happy with this as my only camera. The small size and long zoom are great for every day carrying and photos outdoors, but the low-light performance on any of these cameras isn't good enough for quality indoor shots. That said, a camera that's good for low-light, such as the RX100 series, is quite expensive and considerably larger. In between the two, consider a 1/1.8" sensor camera such as the Canon S series.
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