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I bought this TV over 3 years ago for my first HDTV purchase. LCD flat panels were still far too expensive in 50" range, so I decided to go with this unit. I've been very happy with my purchase ever since.

The KDF-E50A10 is a 50" 720p LCD rear-projection TV. It has excellent side viewing angles, though the top and bottom angles are pretty severe. Since this TV came out not too long after HDMI started to gain popularity, it only has one HDMI port. However, it has several component inputs.

Color is very saturated out of the box, which is the case with most TVs, as the manufacturers want them to "pop" in a lineup with other TVs a big box retailer. However, there are some great tutorials online on how to adjust settings to get the color normalized.

I can't speak to the bulb replacement cost or procedure, as I'm still on the original bulb. But from what I can tell, the cartridge is very easy to remove and replace.