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by AkAMOtS

Post-E3 Conference, Xbox One or PS4?
I am a fan of xbox 360 and I had it at my cousins place. To be true i have just seen ps3 and really didnt played it much to judge. But I was sure that I am getting a Xbox one for myself. But after watching Xbox's and PS's E3 conference. I am really confused. I just want it for gaming purposes, also I have to mention this, that I am from India, where we dont socialise in gaming or get on online TV much.
I was bound to order the Xbox but price, sharing these all stuff from Playstation really made...

by nitehawk

Best vacation DSLR under $700?
I'm going to Sweden and Iceland this summer. I own the Nikon AW100 and plan on using it for most of my pictures and videos by purchasing another battery and bringing extra memory cards. I'm curious if I should invest in something like a Canon T3i. I've never had a DSLR and the size and cost of the thing scare me for taking on a two week vacation. I've had other point and shoots, but I like the AW100 for the durability.
My questions are:
1. How hard is it to learn how to use the thing? How durable... Read more →

by Hans6119

iPhone 5 or Playstation Vita?
In February 2013, I'm up for upgrade on Verizon. I currently have an iPhone 4. I'm going to get an iPhone 5 if I do upgrade, but I actually also want a Playstation Vita. If I do buy a Vita next month, I won't upgrade my iPhone until December 2013. I really like the idea of gaming on the go with physical controls, and I really like the game selection. They are both in the same general price range. What do you think? iPhone upgrade now and Vita never, or Vita now and iPhone upgrade in Christmas...

by nitehawk

PS3 red flashing light failure :-(
This is a fat, 80gb, four usb, backwards compatible (model CECHE01) fat PS3. I bought it used in fall 2008, so four years on a used console doesn't seem so bad. I love how it looks, having the sd card slot, four usb ports and I even stuffed a 500gb hard drive into it about a year and a half ago. I haven't used the backwards compatibility since 2009, so that feature lost its luster a long time ago.
I have been having some recent issues with my PS3 and decided to back it up about 2 weeks ago, so... Read more →

by mginsburg

What is the best car stereo to use with Spotify from an iPhone?
I'm getting tired of using an FM transmitter as it is pretty spotty at times with lots of interference, so I'm thinking of replacing my stereo with a new one that has an AUX input, USB, and Bluetooth.
If I had a choice, I'd love to use Bluetooth to listen to music, but I've read that Spotify does not fully support Bluetooth, and will work off and on. Has anyone tried this? If bluetooth is not the best way to go to run Spotify from my iPhone through a stereo, I'd be fine with using AUX or... Read more →

by rorytucker

What is the best headset for comfort and quality for glasses wearers?
I am looking for user recommendations for a headset for Skype and music that I could wear comfortably for a few hours.
  • Needs to fit comfortably while wearing glasses
  • Mostly used for Skype
  • But would like to only use one headset at my desk (I currently have a 2nd pair for music)
  • Needs to block external noise a bit too
  • Wireless would be nice
  • Mac / USB
  • Currently have Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000