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  • Design and form factor Design is good once head mountings are setup correctly. Aesthetically it looks nice, but hopefully one day they will be much smaller and lighter and Full HD good
  • Ease of use Easy to use, good Menu options, good
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The first time you unpack and get it up and running, you need to really setup the head mountings, especially make sure it does not rest on your nose, once mounted all was good. The headset gets a bit heavy and tiring after a couple of hours.. quality of picture and sound are excellent, its not as comfortable with glasses on, but what is with glasses. The HMD comes with a nice portable case. I ended up using my Bose headphones in preference to the small earphones supplied ( mainly because I find them more comfortable ) 3D looks awesome, The Pass through feature I hoped would allow both the TV and the HMD to work at the same time,, unfortunately Pass through relates to the wireless box passing through signals when the headset is off, this means My GF thought I was being antisocial watching a movie while she could not. ( obviously I will get a HDMI splitter asap ) Over all Its great, price is a little steep, but all new leading edge things are.

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I just got my headset here in Korea. Fantastic!! Agreed, a bit pricey but it is MADE IN JAPAN so that in itself is worth it for me.