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8.0 Televisions Jun 28, 2013

Color accuracy, motion performance, contrast—they’re all superb on the W900A. And don’t get me started on design, which is becoming a staple of Sony’s products. So what’s there to dislike? As mentioned before, this TV’s viewing angle isn’t terribly wide.

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FlatPanelsHD Jul 15, 2013

Do not buy W9 based on its Smart TV apps but based on its picture quality that places it amongst the best LED models right now. The TV SideView implementation is an extra bonus.

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DToledo DToledo

This TV is absolutely amazing! I did literally months of research to find the best deal I could, and this is it. This TV is the best LED TV you can buy, hands down. It even beats out the overpriced Samsung models that try to compare in quality. The quantum dot display technology does really...

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