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shadabk92 shadabk92

The best noise isolation headphone I have ever used. It gives you almost perfect pin-drop silence to enjoy your heavy bass music. It also provides very good clarity for solo music songs. It is also pretty good as a gaming headphone. It has got good mechanism to fit around your head which does not...

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fishy009 fishy009

Overall it is a great pair of headphones as they are soft and comfortable with wonderful sound isolation. It also has great bass with some pretty good acoustics. The overall headset is tough as I can tell it will be able to take a couple of bangs here and there. But if you tug the wire too hard...

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harrandme harrandme

Best pair of headphones I have ever owned. The sound details are really great, especially when I watch a movie. I hear more instruments while listening to music which, otherwise I don't with an ordinary pair.

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Aprilia Aprilia

Who these head phones are aimed at? I would state that these heads phones are aimed for the daily commuters who love to listen to music on the go. But have a budget and doesn't want to go for the high priced elite headphones on the market. Are they worth it? I had purchased these for £25...

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Bitzmuth Bitzmuth

My only complaint is that due to their folding and adjustable ear cups they rattle a little bit, however, unless you're actually planning to go jogging with them, it shouldn't be a problem

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