October 7th 2010 12:59 am

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superdeformed superdeformed

Google Dropped the ball with this device. I got this in the hopes of eliminating the need to switch between devices to watch things online and what I thought was inevitable, an app store. No app store and the device is blacklisted by 'Hollywood.' Next time I am getting a large LCD or...

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mvndaai mvndaai

As a TV it is amazing. It looks and sounds great and is shaped beautifully. As an android device it pretty good. Overall it is the best TV I have had or used. It could be bigger, but overall great TV.

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mikestern mikestern

We purchased this TV as our first flat screen this past winter. It combined the TV and ability to access online information and media. Overall, it's been a great experience with a little bit of a learning curve. I wouldn't rate myself as a technology newbie, but I wouldn't say that I'm a hardcore...

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