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by frankspin

What are the worst games you ever played?
ET may go down as one of the worst games ever made. If it's not at the top of every worst-of list, it's usually in the top three. It wasn't considered a bad game because of the era it was released, it was just a downright bad game. Critics slammed it for it's controls and called it a repetitive game. The game was so bad it's been long rumored that Atari dumped every remaining game... Read more →

by goombakid

Thank Nintendo for the Playstaion...
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PlayStation#History I'm sure everyone is familiar with the story, where the Playstation was originally supposed to be the SNES-CD. The history goes deeper in the wiki. Added note, the X in PSX meant eXperimental, a code name when it was still being developed for Nintendo.