by kris

Operation Finish all the Games, September 2014
So I'm a few days late, but maybe it's perfectly timed: Super Smash Bros. 3DS is out today! We'll probably be picking it up soon. Hopefully it won't distract me too much from my resolution to...
Once more, here are the rules:
  1. I have to finish or beat at least one game a month. That basically means reaching whatever counts as an ending to the story mode, usually prompting a credits scroll.
  2. Side-quests and...
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by frankspin

What are the worst games you ever played?
ET may go down as one of the worst games ever made. If it's not at the top of every worst-of list, it's usually in the top three. It wasn't considered a bad game because of the era it was released, it was just a downright bad game. Critics slammed it for it's controls and called it a repetitive game. The game was so bad it's been long rumored that Atari dumped every remaining game... Read more →

by kris

RIP PlayStation 2?
Weekly Famitsu recently reported that shipments of the PlayStation 2 have ceased in Japan. So whatever stores have now in stock is it—gamers in the Land of the Rising Sun can no longer count on picking up a new PS2 (slimline) unit at their local electronics store. Now they'll have to resort to secondhand sales, or maybe it's time to move on to the PS3. Though it's worth nothing that the PS2 has one last gasp for Japan, in... Read more →

by Nighto

Homebrew Apps
Hi, I have a PS2 slim and some games. Recently I got a PSP and there are some interesting homebrew apps and games for this mobile platform... now, on PS2, I couldn't find anything. Do you run any homebrew apps or games? Particularly, it'd be very cool to find a homebrew to make the PS2 a UPnP client, and play music (and SD videos perhaps?) on the TV just like the PS3 does.

by paolodelfino

Has anyone experienced any problems with PS2 guns/gun gaming?
I have an old clunker of a CRT TV that I hook my PS2 to and I might be getting a pair of guns so I can play Resident Evil and Time Crisis - I heard from a colleague of mine that her hardcore gun-gaming would cause her TV screen to flicker and eventually, her TV set died a horrible death. I'm just wondering if this is a one-off issue or has anyone experienced any issues with gun games on the PS2?

by coologuy1957

HD Loader
Warning: this program was banned from the U.S. I still think you can find it using google though: First things first - you need a PS2 FAT for this to work! You buy the HD Loader CD and large HDD - 100 GBs or more will do (IDE not SATA) put the disc in the system, format the hard drive with it, then rip your PS2 games to the hard drive. thats it! note: some high profile games will not ever rip so don't try! I'm looking at you God of War games! you can google HD Loader compatibility lists... Read more →

by palm9x

Model variations
Any thought on weather or not PS2 should broken up into multiple gadgets? With 5 different model series - 10000, 30000, 50000, 70000, 90000 - each with different capabilities, accessories, games, and form factors - talking PS2 in general can be confusing. If it was broken up we could track ownership of the variations there in and provide for discussion and support for the different models. I personally am the proud owner of a 35000GT and a 30001 and have been thinging about getting a 90000.