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by nitehawk

PS3 red flashing light failure :-(
This is a fat, 80gb, four usb, backwards compatible (model CECHE01) fat PS3. I bought it used in fall 2008, so four years on a used console doesn't seem so bad. I love how it looks, having the sd card slot, four usb ports and I even stuffed a 500gb hard drive into it about a year and a half ago. I haven't used the backwards compatibility since 2009, so that feature lost its luster a long time ago.
I have been having some recent issues with my PS3 and decided to back it up about 2 weeks ago, so... Read more →

by Kanogul

Is tablet integration the future of gaming?
Microsoft unveiled their Xbox SmartGlass tablet software yesterday at E3. This software will allow for users to interact with certain elements of their Xbox console from their tablets. For instance, the user might be able to more easily control streaming videos or get extra data and usability from their games through menus on the tablet. These applications will communicate with the console in real time, instead of being a standalone application like previous apps such as Halo Waypoint.
This... Read more →

by sephkeene

Has anyone else used the Rocketfish gaming headset?
RF-GUV1202 is the product number. http://community.rocketfishproducts.com/t5/Follow-That-Fish/RF-GUV1202/ba-p/3393

I have this and it works great. The ear cups flip back so you can talk to someone in the room and hear them. The mic can be installed on either ear cup and there are volume and mute controls on the cord and one mute all button on the left ear cup.

I bought one but the chat/gaming dials on the cord don't work properly. Has anyone bought one and used them?

by jonursenbach

Why is the Playstation Store saying my credit card is invalid?
Signed up for Playstation Plus last night and my credit card went through just fine, but later when I went to add some funds to my wallet so I could buy some games, it failed. And has been failing since. Even tried a different credit card and it's still failing. Nothing is wrong with my bank and both cards are functioning as normal.

Ideas for why this is happening? I'd rather not have to deal with the hassle of buying prepaid cards.

by jonursenbach

What are the must-have PS3 exclusive games?
Setting aside my insistence not to support Sony, I begrudgingly picked up a PS3 on Black Friday once I learned that I could play classic favorites like Crash Bandicoot, Ape Escape and Final Fantasy VII again.

Besides the obvious well known ones like the Uncharted or God of War series, what must-have PS3 exclusives should I pick up?

by N3SSQwiK

Did Final Fantasy XIII destroy your console?
I just bought Final Fantasy XIII (brand new) and when I inserted the disc into my Xbox 360, I kept getting a disc read error message. At other times, the Xbox would recognize the disc as a DVD. Sometimes it would load, but it would stay stuck on the Square Enix logo.
So I decided to do some research and looked up the issue online and to my dismay I've found endless threads about this issue affecting users of both systems. When I first bought the game, it was for the PS3 and it played perfectly.... Read more →

by barry

Best Netflix streaming movies?
It's getting to be a hassle to find stuff to watch on Netflix so I thought I'd ask for people's list of favorite movies, documentaries, series, whatever. Can be as long or as short as you'd like. Also, if you have any great links to sites that list or make it easier to find good streaming content on Netflix, please share.

by nitehawk

Considering selling my Turtle Beach PX21 and buying this. Suggestions?
How is the battery life? Are the volume dials easy to figure out between raising and lowering the game and chat volume separately? Often times I turn off/down the chat volume because 12 year olds are annoying and ridiculous while playing Call of Duty. I really like the look of this but am curious how comfortable is it for an extended gaming/movie session. Can I pair this set with my iPhone like the really expensive turtle beach headsets? That would be a big selling point for me.