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by Musikon

What are your most anticipated games for this holiday season?
With 2 new console releases, launch titles, and too many other games to count coming out this holiday season, it can be tough deciding which games to preorder and purchase versus those to wait on. There are the big AAA titles coming to all consoles, and then there are the smaller Indie titles. It can be hard keeping track of the delays, release dates, and sheer number of games being released.
If you are on iOS and need help keeping track of it all, I've been using this great app called Launch... Read more →

by kris

Where can I rent Rock Band instruments for PS3?
My cousin was asking if I knew a place that rented out the instruments for Rock Band. Renting/borrowing the game itself is easy enough, but are there any places that will rent you the guitars and drums for an evening?

(I feel like this is something that video rental stores would/could have done, if so many of them hadn't been driven out of business by Netflix and Gamefly. Guess there is still a purpose to in-store rental...)

by Mufasa

Does anyone know how the HDD will be upgraded
I have a huge collection of downloadable games on my PS3s so I have upgraded the Hard Drive on every single PS3 I have owned.

For this PS3 I can't tell if it can be upgraded or not. I watched an unboxing video on gamespot and the guys there could not tell if how to the HDD was upgraded.

Does anyone know; can the new superslim be upgraded using a standard laptop HDD like the others or does it require a sony proprietary disc drive?