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Detailed review
The PS3 is a great gaming console, with specs that have only now started to be fully tapped. On top of the multiplatform games and the amazing exclusives (go get Killzone 2 now!), there are very good downloadable games, some very different to what you may be used to see (Flower, Noby Noby Boy come to mind).

Apart from the obvious strong points in gaming (Blu-ray storage, 1080p output, free online community, etc...), the PS3 can also be a full home entertainment center.

The blu-ray drive alone compensates for the price difference. You may be kidding yourself that DVD is good enough and you don't need it, or that true HD downloads are coming next month, but if you have a Full-HD TV over 37", do yourself a favor a try a movie in Blu-ray.

The PS3 also makes an excellent media hub. It can reproduce music, pictures and DivX movies, and coupled with a DLNA server can stream your multimedia collections to your TV.

I use it daily in such a way, and there is nothing that comes close to this setup for ease of use and integration.