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  • Game library It had a great number of RPGs which is what mattered to me most. good
  • Graphics Back in 2005, the screen and graphics were AMAZING. great!
  • Battery life Compared to the DS, this had worse battery life and it prevented me from playing games on trans-pacific flights. so-so
  • Portability (size / weight) Despite being big back in 2005, it still fit in my pocket. good
  • Durability Luckily, I wasn't plagued with the dead/stuck pixel problems but I knew many people that had that problem. so-so
Detailed review
When the PSP was first announced in E3 2004, I remember dismissing it as another handheld that'll fail miserably. Whether you count it as a failure or not, it's hard to dismiss the PSP since it lasted all the way to 2012 with minimal changes.

To me, the PSP was a treasure trove of RPGs and quirky Japanese games. I remember importing a JAL flight simulator game and playing a good number of lesser known RPGs (like Popolocrois). Unfortunately, the so-so battery life didn't serve those RPGs well limiting me to playing only in the house or on short trips.

Despite the battery life, the PSP brought handheld gaming to the modern era (graphics wise). It is still a joy to use and I still enjoy playing my PS1 games on it.