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  • Game library There are a few games that are not on the PSN, such as Lumines. good
  • Graphics Quite frankly the best portable graphics available today. great!
  • Battery life For the small size the battery life seems at least that of the PSP 3000. great!
  • Portability (size / weight) It is a great size, it is small enough to easily fit into a pocket. I think it is not much larger than my blackberry when closed. great!
  • Durability The buttons are much better made than the PSP 3000. The d-pad is much improved than the psp 3000, the directional buttons don't accidently activate. great!
Detailed review
I decided to trade in my psp 3000 for the new psp-go. I had some reservations about the game library but I noticed that 95 percent of the games I had were available on the PSN. I also had some reservations about the screen size being a bit smaller, but so far it has not been an issue. I love that it is much more compact. I did find the PSP Go on sale for 199.99 and that made it a much more attractive product. Sony has sweetened the deal even further by offering 3 games free after you activiate on the PSN. That is in addition to the Rock Band, and Patapon 2 that are already in the box.

I traded in all of the PSP 3000, games and memory cards in at my local gamestop, and took advantage of a few deals they were having like 30% extra trade in value for 3 or more games, and a $20 bonus for trading in a portable system. I used the credit at gamestop to get accessories, and a lot of PSN credit to replace some umd games I had. I am looking into getting the 16 gig micro memory card to add on to the 16 gig built in memory. Found it real cheap on Amazon for 42 bucks.