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  • Game library Depends, if your like me an prefer AAA games that are action your shit out luck, but if you like mostly rpg's and a tonne of mini's your in luck PSN is packed good
  • Graphics Ok depending on the game and if the developer decides to make a really goo game peace walker and ghost of sparta are great examples of awesome games good
  • Battery life Decent so-so
  • Portability (size / weight) Bad idea if yo have giant hands like mine good
  • Durability Dropped it so many times, amazingly it still works great!
Detailed review
Once in a while a game come along that is good then I have to go digging for the PSP,Like when the GOW; Ghost of sparta came out I had to search a week for it cos games like dont come along that often so I finish the game and put the PSP down then.