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  • Game library Most of the best and most popular titles on UMD are available as digital downloads. Sadly there's no trade-in program. good
  • Graphics Has the same graphics as the normal PSP, just with a slightly smaller screen. good
  • Battery life You get a decent amount of play time from one charge, just don't expect a coast-to-coast or trans-Atlantic flight out of it. And you can't change the battery. so-so
  • Portability (size / weight) Unlike the original PSP, this one easily fits into any pocket. great!
  • Durability Doesn't feel quite as solid as the standard PSP, but it doesn't feel cheap either. good
Detailed review
I am basically the only person I know who really loves his PSPgo. I waited in line for the original's midnight launch, but I stopped playing it after awhile. The game library took a long time to get up to scratch, and I hate, hate, HATE UMDs. The plastic cases are flimsy and break easily. I managed to fix the few of mine that broke, but I could never trade them in at GameStop. The PSPgo removes the problem by getting rid of the discs.

I also love how portable the PSPgo is. The original, while definitely portable, was a bit bulky for a pocket. But it was too small to really warrant its own carrying case, so if I wanted to have it with me I either had to have a bag of stuff already, or bring a bag for it specifically. The bulkiness of UMD cases also necessitated a bag. The PSPgo, on the other hand, fits right in any of my jeans pockets, games and all.

The downside to not having to worry about UMDs is being forced to deal with the PSN. I've personally never been a big fan of how it handles purchasing and downloading. It works best on the PS3, and the scaled-down version on the PSP is competent, if slightly clunky, and downloading games is slow. Much better to do the downloading on your PS3 and then transferring via USB. Not being able to trade in UMD games for digital versions smacks a bit of a rip-off as well.

I don't recommend using Sony's Media Go software (Windows only) to manage games and media, as that software is terrible. A recent update has improved it slightly, but it is still cumbersome. As a program that follows in the footsteps of iTunes, it's disappointing to see something WORSE than iTunes.

If you already own a standard PSP, and you're happy with it, there's really no reason to get a PSPgo (I learned that the hard way). That said, I'm not sorry I did it, as I prefer the PSPgo to the original. It's also given me the opportunity to use my old PSP as a homebrew device.