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  • Game library The selection of the game library is less than that of a NDS. Rule out UMD titles, too. so-so
  • Graphics the display looks good to me. Better than the NDS. I guess that a retina display is higher. good
  • Battery life A NDS has more battery life because of its lesser processor, I guess. PSP Go has a decent battery. ...Certainly better than my smart phone. good
  • Portability (size / weight) bigger than an I phone 4. Still it is compact. The physical controls are worth the extra size. good
  • Durability I covered mine in plastic and silicone, and it has withstood some nasty tumbles. The nub directional pad is notorious for going out on the machine. good
Detailed review
I am close to the demographic target for this device--nerdy and dedicated to PSN. The PSOne titles are a boon for me on this device. This machine can fill in as a secondary console when outfitted with accessories such as the PS3 sixaxis controller due to its bluetooth function.