January 27th 2011 1:52 am

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by Hans6119

iPhone 5 or Playstation Vita?
In February 2013, I'm up for upgrade on Verizon. I currently have an iPhone 4. I'm going to get an iPhone 5 if I do upgrade, but I actually also want a Playstation Vita. If I do buy a Vita next month, I won't upgrade my iPhone until December 2013. I really like the idea of gaming on the go with physical controls, and I really like the game selection. They are both in the same general price range. What do you think? iPhone upgrade now and Vita never, or Vita now and iPhone upgrade in Christmas...

by theEDJ

Color Preference: Black? White?
I think I'm breaking down Friday and picking this bad boy up. The value of the Playstation Plus offers are too good to pass up (damn you Sony). I know in the US we have the Black and White bundles. Does anyone have any issues with the black versus the white? I know the white Vita is newer, but is it smudging or showing grime easily? Or is the black Vita too much of a finger print magnet?
It's too bad we don't have the slick blue and red ones that are in Japan to add to the choices. I'm leaning...

by timchoi89

What's a good wireless router to have for sharing media between devices?
So I'm here in a tiny dorm style room in Australia for the next two years and there's no wifi. Because of that, many of my wifi depedent devices are useless. What's a good router to have that's primary useage is networking my devices together (ex: streaming a movie from my laptop to my ps3)? Also, is it a standard feature in routers to be able to connect to a VPN? (Sorry if that sounded really stupid...I'm dumb when it comes to networking) I want my router to be able to connect to a VPN (if... Read more →

by tatsumaki

Can you prevent the home screen from reseting when swapping memory cards?
I'm probably in the minority, but I bought my Vita with an 8GB card that is now feeling a bit cramped. I've ordered a larger capacity card, but I've noticed that when I remove the card, the Vita totally resets the order of things on the home screens (excepting permanently installed apps) and doesn't recover my old setup upon reinsertion of the card. Is there something in settings that I'm missing? Failing that, is there some idea as to what dictates the order games and apps are listed once... Read more →

by timchoi89

I'm moving to Australia in a month, what can I do to make the move easier for my tech?
Like what the title says, I'm moving to Australia for work in July and I have a bunch of tech (mostly game related) that I'm worried will become useless in Australia.
If I get an NTSC to PAL converter for my PS2 and Dreamcast (I still have a couple games I gotta finish), will I be sacrificing picture quality?
  • Since the PS3 and Xbox 360 both use HDMI, can I use it on a PAL TV or will I have to get a monitor with HDMI ports?
  • If I get on PSN or Xbox Live from Australia will it automatically switch to...
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    by Earthangel

    What's better for me? The new Ipad or Ps Vita?
    To start off I am an owner of a smartphone as well as an Ipod and many other electronic goods. I want to update my collection, I've never had a Psp before. I do have a Nintendo Ds which is quite old and I never use it. My Ipod is currently unused as I've temporarily miss-placed the charger. I'm searching for a rather portable device, which I know goes more in favor of the Vita but I want a product worth the cash (not that I don't think the Vita isn't but you get my point, right?).
    I am a gamer... Read more →

    by johnandjulie13

    Anyone else having problems with the Flickr Ap?
    Checking various forums it seems that I am not the only one having the following problem: Using the ap allows me to view anyone's photos except mine. I am able to "explore" and view other people's pictures. However, when I try to view any of my own pictures, the program crashes with an error (C2-12828-1). I have contacted Sony support and went through the usual drill: restart ap, restart device, delete ap and reload. restore the Vita and finally, reformat the memory card. After none of those... Read more →

    by timchoi89

    Is there a matte "screen protector" for the back of the Vita?
    One of my main concerns I have for the Vita is getting the back touchpad scratched up when I have the Vita laying down on a surface. Also, since the back panel isn't made of glass, my fingers don't run very smoothly across the surface unless the touchpad has been greased up from constant use. I think a matte "screen protector" for the back touchpad would be very useful since it would provide a smooth texture for your fingers and it'll protect the touchpad from scratches.
    Do you guys know of any...