January 27th 2011 1:52 am

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by frankspin

What do you keep in your bag for work and travel?
We haven't done of these in a while, but what's everyone keeping in their bags?
Topo Design Daypack -- I moved away from shoulder bags because I found backpacks to just be way easier to carry around. I get less shoulder fatigue which is also a plus
  • iPhone 5s
  • Macbook Pro Retina 15-inch
  • iPad 3rd gen -- i bring this for Instapaper queue, but I'm hoping to upgrade to a mini at some point
  • Playstation Vita -- perfect way to unwind on the train ride home. Despite all the...
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    by shivaya

    ps vita tv ..to be or not to be
    I tried 12 games...only one worked..f1 2011...for some reason?! ..seems like bugger all will work ....I have heard games produced around the release Date..of the unit will stand a better chance,....I hope they bring a lot more info on games for us in the west...ie which ones will work..otherwise the odds are stacked against any joy to be had...still f1...looks and plays quite well on a larger screen...but for $200..you can only hope this little unit..brings a lot more...we'll see if its just...

    by Andalusio

    Ubisoft's Upcoming Games and TV Projects
    Just curious on what Ubisoft have in store at E3 2014 for the current consoles, and if Ubisoft Motion Pictures might share details about any new programs, or even episodes of "Rabbids Invasion", that might complement those gaming titles on Xbox One.

    Most especially would like to see early details about the rumored "Prince of Persia" on UbiArt Framework, if true, and "Assassin's Creed" the movie.

    But, what do you guys expect from Ubisoft?

    by TimSeppala

    E3 reveals?
    So, we're about two months away from E3 (Paris Fashion Week for games, for the uninitiated), what do you want to see from Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony? Given that everyone's new hardware is out in the wild, the focus this year is likely going to be on games, games, games, games and possibly a bit of VR.
    No one knows what any of the platform holders have in store for this fall, but there are a handful of third-party games... Read more →

    by frankspin

    Favorite games from 2013
    We've had some exciting gaming discussions here in the forums over the past year. We talked about our initial impressions of the new consoles, if Nintendo can survive, and even what games we're all playing. As the year wraps up I thought it'd be fun to get a good idea of the communities favorite games to come out in 2013. This serves as a great way to check out games you may have missed or forgotten about.
    QuizUp (iOS): This is nothing more than a simple trivia game that you can play against... Read more →

    by kris

    PlayStation Plus: when will the other shoe drop?
    For a while now I've had friends touting the wonders of having a PlayStation Plus account: the free games, the discounts. But I was never willing to up the $50, so I passed, since I actually do have plenty of games to play already.
    However, Amazon offering PlayStation Plus for $30 on Black Friday? That was too good a deal to pass up, so my boyfriend and I each bought codes: we redeemed one for now, and we'll redeem the other next year. Yesterday, Best Buy also had a... Read more →

    by charmine28

    my ps vita screen just turn to black
    hey guys i need help, my sony ps vita screen turn to black but the sounds and everything are working just the screen is not working.. i went to sony service center here in the phillipines and they told me that they still dont received or fix ps vita for now because they dont had any parts of it... and now i cant use my ps vita... plz help me guys... thank you, have a nice day

    by Musikon

    Do you prefer the physical or digital versions of video games?
    With the next generation of gaming consoles having officially arrived, many are trying to decide if they are going to stick to the physical versions of games or go all digital. There are the pros and cons to each, but I am firmly in the physical game camp when I can. I like the look of physical games on the shelf, I enjoy the box art for my games, and I know that I shouldn't rely on the console manufacturer to get my digital games back in some sort of crash or theft of my device. Looking at you... Read more →

    by Musikon

    What are your most anticipated games for this holiday season?
    With 2 new console releases, launch titles, and too many other games to count coming out this holiday season, it can be tough deciding which games to preorder and purchase versus those to wait on. There are the big AAA titles coming to all consoles, and then there are the smaller Indie titles. It can be hard keeping track of the delays, release dates, and sheer number of games being released.
    If you are on iOS and need help keeping track of it all, I've been using this great app called Launch... Read more →

    by frankspin

    Would you buy a PS4 if a PS Vita was bundled with it?
    A video earlier this month from Machinima brings up the possibility of a PS Vita getting bundled with a PS4, and they're saying the price could be around $500.
    As you may or may not be aware, a big feature of the PS4 is remote play which allows you to view content on your Vita as long as you're on the same WiFi network. Essentially it would function like Wii U's controller, but the kicker is that the Vita is actually a portable console thus making it more than just a controller.

    by theEDJ

    Playstation 4 Accessories
    Playstation Eye
    Will not be included in the box. It will be a separate accessory costing $59.99 in the US. I wish it was included so that it would be easier for developers to implement features. Previous Move Controllers and Navigation units are compatible with the new Eye.
    Will be bundled in for communication. Mono earbud, with inline mic. Any 1/8" headset should work though.
    Dualshock 4
    Extra controllers will be $59.99. (Damn the redesign looks great)
    Charging Station
    Sony announced a... Read more →

    by kris

    So, the PlayStation 4.
    The event is still going on now, but some of the key points:
    • No backwards compatibility with PS3, PS1 and PS2 will be streamed.
    • Remote play on Vita (like some PS3 games can do right now).
    • Games will no longer boot, they will download as you play them.
    • You can stream gameplay to your friends and even let them take control.
    • Developer-friendly, they say.
    • A companion social app will be available.
    • The PS4 will support PS Move.
    • New DUALSHOCK 4 controller!
    • All major third-party publishers will be making games....
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    by kris

    The PlayStation 4 is coming tonight, what can we expect?
    With the Game Developer's Conference coming up next month, Sony's got a big event tonight, and the odds are good that what they'll be announcing is the next PlayStation home console, be it the "PlayStation 4" or the "Orbis" or whatever.
    The details/rumor have been flying fast over the past year, and with Sony being notoriously tight-lipped about the system (even denying they were planning the next generation... Read more →

    by marc

    gdgt Zeitgeist 2012 Part II: Most-Wanted Products
    If you’re a gdgt member, you already know about our lists; you can build a list of every gadget you currently have, used to have, or want, share those lists with friends on social networks, and see what gadgets you have in common with your friends on gdgt. The lists are also a great way for us to track which new products are most popular with our members, and the tables below show some interesting patterns. As expected, there are a lot of... Read more →

    by groovechicken

    Windows 8 and the Myth of the All-Purpose Device
    With the release of Windows 8 and its ecosystem of hardware near at hand, I have been thinking about the ancient (in technology years) myth of the all-purpose device. This myth is one every geek knows and dreams of. The idea of having a single device that you carry around that can meet all of the technology needs you have is one that has captured the imagination since the days of the first "portable" computers. For geeks everywhere, though, it is ultimately a dream that leaves us depressed and... Read more →

    by kris

    The future of portable gaming - dedicated handhelds or gaming tablets?
    With the recent explosion in the popularity of mobile gaming, pundits have been forecasting the end of dedicated gaming consoles like the PlayStation Vita and the Nintendo 3DS, saying that these are increasingly becoming niche devices and that most people will be doing their gaming on their phones, on tablets, or on the iPod touch, the latter being advertised as a gaming device by Apple.
    Then again, what does that say with the announcement of products like the Razer Project Fiona, a Windows 8... Read more →

    by TgD

    Battle of Student Offers! Apple vs Microsoft vs Sony
    So with back to school offers out, which do you like the most?
    As a reminder:
    Apple: Buy a mac get $100 App store card, but an iPad get $50 App store card ( http://store.apple.com/ca/browse/campaigns/back_to... )
    Microsoft: "U.S., students who buy a qualifying Windows PC worth $699 ($599 Canada) or more at participating retailers can get a 4GB Xbox 360 console for free" ( http://windowsteamblog.com/windows/b/windowsexperi... Read more →

    by kris

    PlayStation Suite becomes PlayStation Mobile and heads to HTC devices
    During tonight's Sony press conference, they announced that PlayStation Suite, which allows downloading of PlayStation games and other content to mobile devices, would be a) renamed to PlayStation Mobile and b) would be coming to HTC devices. Currently it's only available on Sony Mobile phones and the PlayStation Vita.
    This definitely is indicative of a shift from PlayStation as a hardware brand to more of a content brand, and it's similar to how Xbox Live is also available on Windows Phone, as... Read more →