by TimSeppala

E3 reveals?
So, we're about two months away from E3 (Paris Fashion Week for games, for the uninitiated), what do you want to see from Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony? Given that everyone's new hardware is out in the wild, the focus this year is likely going to be on games, games, games, games and possibly a bit of VR.
No one knows what any of the platform holders have in store for this fall, but there are a handful of third-party games... Read more →

by dave

What excites you about the prospect of VR?
The history of consumer electronics is filled with promises of virtual reality. From Nintendo's Virtual Boy game system in the early 1990's to Facebook's recent foray into the world of VR by gobbling up Oculus, game developers have been pretty excited about the prospect of immersive gaming.
And it's something that consumers have been eagerly clamoring for as well. When Oculus launched their Kickstarter campaign in August of 2012, they... Read more →