June 21st 2013 5:55 pm

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  • Sound quality Terrible reception quality, does not work for calls, music keeps breaking up unless both devices are touching each other awful!
  • Design and form factor Nice design good
  • Comfort Finicky clip design so-so
  • Noise isolation Noise isolation is OK good
  • Durability I don't know why I even bother, overall it was a huge waste of money! poor
Detailed review
Biggest mistake I ever made was buying this headset I could write a novel on how awful the reception quality is on this headset, everything else is fine though, but there is no hope in this headset ever redeeming itself! If you even waved your hand over your device the music would break up, I got a call on this headset and the party on the other line could not hear me. It caused me so much stress that I threw a tantrum and smashed it while riding the bus, that's no exaggeration needless to say I was thrown off the bus because of that, we'll I was only joking, I saved my rage until I got home and threw it in the garbage. Other than the cool design, this headset is a complete joke and I have one last thing to say: DON'T BUY IT!!!