May 14th 2013 9:03 am

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  • Voice / mic quality Good but not really as good as on a cable headset. good
  • Noise reduction No comments good
  • Sound quality Nice but the volume is irritating. When the volume for music, calls or video is at a pleasant level the headsets own notification noises are too loud. good
  • Battery life Pretty standard for a Bluetooth clip-on headset. good
  • Comfort Works fine with a shirt but you can't really wear it that comfortably with a T-shirt. so-so
  • Durability So far no complaints at all! great!
  • Design and form factor If you have tiny fingers it would probably work fine. Pressing the play/pause button some times triggers the Next or Previous button instead. good
Detailed review
Great device but it isn't much better than a MW600 (witch is much older and goes for like half the price). The NFC function needs a separate app and I had to uninstall some of my other NFC apps to get it to work. The range is way less than 10 meters, on my MW600 i can easily be 8-15 meters away before the sound quality and reception gives out but with the SBH50 that happens at 5-9 meters, so no walking away from what you are connected to. The extensions for Gmail, calendar and messaging are okay but a bit buggy and not that practical (lets face it, you don't want to try to look under your chin every time you get a text). Over all I think it is a good device but not for the price range it claims to be in.