September 3rd 2014 10:52 am


Dull design, but great for runners


Sony's SmartWatch 3 certainly isn't for everybody. It's dull compared to its rounder, sexier rivals; its strap is made out of rubber rather than leather; and the display is not as bright or vibrant as others. But if you care more about function than form, the SmartWatch 3 suddenly looks a whole lot more interesting. For runners in particular, built-in GPS is a great feature that lets you leave your phone at home. It also has WiFi and NFC, making it more future-proof than the competition. It also eschews the need for a charging dock thanks to a built-in micro-USB port and has a battery life that makes it one of the longest-lasting smartwatches on the market. No, you shouldn't get the SmartWatch 3 if you want a watch to impress people at a cocktail party. But if you want one that's more suited for fitness, this is absolutely worthy of consideration.

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aphoneconissour aphoneconissour

Its really great especially since you can play installed music directly from this watch to any Bluetooth headset or speakers. Its also cool that I can pay for coffees using this watch as well. GPS, NFC, IP68 waterproofing, latest Bluetooth 4.1, with WiFi as well. Just helps future proof this...

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