September 3rd 2014 10:52 am


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by ramener

Smartwatch that keeps the calendar locally?
My son isn't allowed to have a cell phone at school. He is really helped by some alarms and reminders to hand in work, and look at his schedule.

We were using a Wimm One, because it could sync via wifi and kept the information on its memory until the next sync, but since google bought them and discontinued the website we are floundering.

Are there any smartwatches that can keep the information internally? Or apps that make that possible?

Thanks for your help.

by dirkydiggler

Smartwatch/Fitness band for snowboarding
I read through all these post about smart watches and bands, but don't find what I'm wanting. Is there a product out there that will do Strava and media player for snowboarding? I want something that I can control using gloves. Also tells speed, elevation, temperature, distance and such. I would like to see what I'm listening to on my phone and being able to hit mute or next song when needed. Also do this for Pandora or Spotify. Could be huge and would actually prefer this to make it easy to...