by fratal

Tell me how the digitizer changes your workflow
I'm in the market for a new PC and while I prefer the weight class of the similarly specced vaio pro 13, the tablet digitizer has piqued my interest. What kind of changes/improvements in your workflow can be attributed to the inclusion of a digitizer?
If you find it useful ONLY in photoshop or other creative endeavors that are aided by hand drawing, I should probably look elsewhere
I'll be honest, I can't think of a single usage model for myself that I can justify.
I DO often use paper to... Read more →

by fayari

Awesome Improvements
Suddenly, this thing comes out of nowhere and becomes my ultimate dream machine. I almost bought a Duo 11 a few months ago, but didn't because it was too small, it felt flimsy, and its stylus didn't have a proper placeholder. And in one fell swoop, the Duo 13 solved all those problems. Well, now all that's stopping me is the price tag. What do you guys think of the improvements?