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This ultraportable is so thin, light, and powerful that it's almost like getting next year's laptop today. Fantastic style and power that's easy to carry around make the VAIO Z a winner, even though it costs more than twice as much as most customers are willing to pay for a new laptop. quote

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Engadget Jul 29, 2011

Thanks to the Power Media Dock, the Z bests all of its competitors that top out at integrated graphics, offer fewer ports, and are missing an optical drive. There are no two ways about it: the Z is simply a more powerful laptop.

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CNET Feb 23, 2012

With slim 13-inch SSD laptops now well under $1,000, Sony's expensive, high-end Z series laptop is a tough sell, although the long-life slice battery and unique GPU/optical dock help make its case.

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CNET Jul 13, 2011

Sony's high-end Z series laptop lives up to its luxury reputation, with a slim, lightweight body, plenty of processing power, and a highly specialized GPU dock.

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Wired Jan 31, 2012

At $2,500, the Vaio Z is $900 more expensive than the most expensive MacBook Air. Is there any possible way to justify that kind of outlay? For me, it's an impossibly hard sell. Put it another way: Is it worth it to pay an $100 extra per ounce of computer you don't get?

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Laptop Magazine Jul 13, 2011

The VAIO Z offers unparalleled speed and portability along with a first-of-its kind dock that adds discrete graphics--if you're willing to pay the price.

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PC World Australia Aug 29, 2011

While the Sony Z Series definitely has a 'wow' factor, it's a 'wow' factor that is mostly a reaction to: "so how much does it cost?". But hey, if you can afford it, then you'll end up with a 1.15kg, super-slim laptop that also features high-end processing performance and very fast drive speeds.

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TrustedReviews May 5, 2010

As fast as many desktops, but no heavier than many netbooks, it's a testament to what can be achieved thanks to modern hardware and engineering. It's a niche product, of that there's no doubt, but if you need the power and portability it offers then it comes highly recommended.

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TechRadar Jul 26, 2011

With its incredible combination of power and portability, this is the best ultra-portable laptop of recent times. It may lack the glamour of some of its rivals, but the Sony VAIO VPC-Z21V9E is worth its high pricetag.

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The Telegraph Jul 21, 2011

Intel says the ‘ultrabook’ will redefine the future of computing. But if you want a taste of the future today, Sony’s latest Z series is as close as you’re going to get.

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Computer Shopper Sep 20, 2011

The lightest non-netbook laptop we've tested, the Z Series has a stunning design, with an external dock that boosts the graphics. But only deep-pocketed buyers will consider this luxe model.

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