September 5th 2013 8:48 am

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  • Sound quality It supports 24bit/192Khz Flac files and plays really amazing. great!
  • Video quality This devce has really good video and game performance. great!
  • Ease of use The new android 4.1 is really easy to use for me. Better than my expectations from a walkman. great!
  • Portability It has a perfect shape and weight. great!
  • Battery life It lasts approx~20 hours with hi def flacs and ~30 hours with MP3 and AAC. Really amazing. great!
  • Media support It plays what you throw in it. I only could not try DSF files.. great!
  • Capacity 32Gb is really enough for MP3 type compressed files but I recommend to buy 64 Gb F887 for Hi-Def Music Files. good
Detailed review
I bought this Digital Audio Player from Hong Kong (Nwz-f886 32Gb) and I can easily say that The new sony F880 series are really great. I have also İpod Touch 5G , ipod Video (30gb) , Iphone 4S and Iphone 5. When I compared new F886 with all of these devices, I can honestly say that The Sound Quality of F886 is far far far better.. Ease of use of this DAP is really comparable with Ipods and Iphone and perhaps even better if you think google play options.. Stock earphone is also better than Ipods. But I must warn you that if you really enjoy the sound quality of F886, you should buy an Hi-Def Earphone, for example Sony Mdr-1R.. The Battery life is also great and storage is enough for me.