by DanCooper

How would you change Sony’s Xperia Z?
Sony’s been trying to reinvent itself, and in doing so, is hoping that we can put these turbulent last few years behind us. Nowhere is this more evident than in the company’s smartphones, like the Xperia Z. The Z was the first “omnibalance” phone, and the first not to be associated with the company’s former partnership with Ericsson. It brought along a 1080p display, water resistance and, surprisingly for a phone significantly more expensive than a Nexus 4, pretty crappy battery life....

by muskan

Reasons NOT to buy Sony Mobile because of worst service
My Bad Experience with Sony mobile
Problem which i got recently is charging pin got damaged it came out in charger small pin within charging pin .when i sent this phone in Sony repair center i was really surprised to know they informed me to buy new hand set with 20 % discount which is really not acceptable .
yours is a big company with a big brand name not like china handsets which once got any problem cannot be repaired . cant this small problem be rectified ????...

by sen619

Audio quality Tests & Comparisons - II !
I saw an article here @endgadet about the audio quality of different cellphones...it was a great article and I being an audio enthusiast really appreciated that...that test was taken about a year ago...and now, there are many new devices that claim and are worth checking if you're an audiophile so as the audio quality is your only concern nothing else....like for eg. HTC One & One Max, Sony Xperia Z & Z1, Nokia Lumia 1020, 1520 & Lumia 925, Apple iPhone 5S & iphone 5C, Samsung... Read more →

by Met

Many new phones announced recently. What's captured your attention?
I was really excited about the HTC One when it was announced and I was dying to get my hands on one (pun not intended). Then they delayed its release to well after the Samsung GS4 announcement and I was worried they'd steal a lot of attention from the HTC One. Thankfully, it didn't in my opinion.

What about you guys?