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by JonKempAto

What is going on with Sprint Galaxy S5 no LTE
Dear Engadget....The Galaxy S5 was released to great fanfare but there is a problem brewing with Sprint Customers. Because of the Tri-Band antenna and lack of support for this new Spark network, those of use that had a Galaxy s3 with fantastic LTE coverage are no longer getting any LTE coverage on the Galaxy S5. Can you look into the matter to see what is going on? Here is a discussion so far with a list of cities that are having this issue.

by dave

How come cellular carriers won't block stolen mobile phones in the United States?
Last week, C.W. Nevius, a columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle, wrote an editorial on how to potentially curb smart-phone thieves. He argued that some carriers in foreign countries (e.g., Australia) will actually block mobile phones from their networks if reported stolen. (See: http://articles.sfgate.com/2011-12-03/bay-area/30473599_1_phone-companies-smart-phone-phone-thefts)
From the SF Chronicle: Australia uses something akin to a serial number, basically a 15-digit fingerprint found on
... Read more →

by gilg24

Sprint or Verizon?
I have verizon now but I don't have a data plan, however i am paying 10 bucks a month for unlimited texting. My plan ends at the end of December and I want a smartphone. Being a college student I would love to save money and Verizon's unlimited data plan is 30 bucks a month and stops at 2GB (i hear rumors of 4GB now). However I was searching on the internet and found out that Sprint has great smartphones and their unlimited data plan is not just actually unlimited(no cutoff mark or slowing you... Read more →

by andrewkalies

Is it still worth it to get the Arrive?
I'm hoping to move to a new carrier within the next few months, and I'm really considering Sprint. AT&T it automatically out for me, as 1. I don't trust AT&T coverage AT ALL. 2. AT&T generally isn't great in my area. Verizon is good, but some of their plans are a bit too expensive for my tastes. So I looked to Sprint. I want Windows Phone, and the only here is the Arrive. The Arrive isn't by definition old, it launches earlier this year, and has the usual specs for a Windows Phone... Read more →

by Gadgetphreak25

Sprint upgrade eligibility
So I waited to get an EVO last year until September bc I was hearing rumors about a sprint iPhone coming in December/ January but I was tired with my old phone so I pulled the trigger on the EVO. I wanted to upgrade to the 4s but I don't have an upgrade available until July 2012. Anyone been able to talk their way into an upgrade with sprint or should I cancel my line and open a new one so that I can get an iPhone? Thanks!

by roberto

Sprint lays out LTE strategy. Will you switch?
Engadget reports that Sprint will start to release LTE devices as of mid-2012:


Given that they are now getting the iPhone, they have a good partnership with Android going, and they are the only carrier to still have unlimited data plans for their phones, will this entice more people to switch?

by Gaber

Is it just me, or was the addition of Sprint as a carrier in the US completely breezed over by Phil Schiller?
I would think the addition of the 3rd largest carrier in the US would be a bigger deal to announce than just an afterthought. It didn't even merit the Sprint logo on a slide! Is this because Apple simply didn't want to piss off the big 2?

Also, how is it like 8 hours after the event and still not even an iPhone mention on Sprint's site either?

by torybriggs

Now that there is a unified iPhone 4S SKU for Verizon, Sprint and ATT, which carrier would you choose?
I live in the Denver area and currently have service with Verizon. The coverage is decent but I've read that the touted 14mbps will only work on ATT's GSM network. Would you switch?
I just found a few posts covering this question:
I will probably end up going with Sprint to save some money each month. And it will be nice not... Read more →

by connorg

What is Sprint coverage like in the Bay Area?
Currently I'm a member of my parents' AT&T Family Plan. I moved to the bay area a few months ago but it's cheaper for me to pay them for my share of the family plan than to start my own plan. However, the news that the iPhone 5/4S may be coming to Sprint got me thinking that I could open my own plan (with the added benefit of getting the new-contract price on a new iPhone 5), and potentially also take advantage of Sprint's unlimited data plans and 4G coverage (if the new iPhone supports it).... Read more →

by AndrewL9008

What are the options for unlimited tethering / hotspot use among the US carriers?
So I'm on Sprint currently, and they have announced that they're killing unlimited data use through their hotspot add-on plan, which I use. It's a major bummer, because I specifically opted for that option as it would let me use data freely without worrying about the 5gb cap that other carriers and other plans have. (I don't go crazy with it, but I do go over 5gb often) And now I'm right back where I started, with a cap. They won't even be grandfathering in users like myself who signed a... Read more →