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The Play is a compact, affordable fitness tracker that syncs with iPhones over Bluetooth, and brings game-style rewards to your workout. TechHive says it "makes workouts more fun," and is a good motivational tool "for people who need a little encouragement to take the stairs instead of the escalator." PC Mag also thinks the Play "makes fitness fun" and "is great for motivating kids and those who enjoy games to get active." However, PC also warns that the Play is "missing some of the polish found with competitors" like the Fitbit One, and its game-based functions could "turn off serious fitness fanatics" -- though, chances are, if you fall into that category, you don't need the Play to convince you to go the gym.

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PC Mag Mar 26, 2013

The Striiv Play activity tracker makes fitness fun, with a reward and challenge system. But it seems geared toward children, and both the device and the app lack polish compared with the competition.

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TechHive Oct 30, 2012

The Striiv Play isn't really a second-generation product for the company - that is, it doesn't replace its first-generation smart pedometer. Instead, it's a useful alternative for people who want to use Striiv's smart pedometer functionality on their smartphone instead of a standalone device.

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ChipChick Oct 15, 2012

While it’s apparent that they are trying to take on Fitbit’s own devices with the Striiv Play, their unique apps features manages to truly set the device apart from the competition.

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About Nov 5, 2012

I enjoyed wearing this pedometer and I found the challenges and MyLand game to be addicting in the best way. I like that you can compete with friends who have only the app as well as those who have the Striiv Play.

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Mashable Apr 25, 2012

The device was a bit buggy during our tests. It took a while for to properly sync up with another Striiv and froze several times while trying to set up a race. In addition, it inaccurately logged the number of steps taken during a "city block" run by not counting any movement for several-second...

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