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by awwsomme

Nokia N8 or E7?
I just looked and it seems that the price on Amazon for both of these phones unlocked have reached about the same price. I really like both of these phones but don't know which of the two I would like better. I currently use an iPhone 4S, but want some variety, and an unlocked smartphone.

by madmatt213

Does anyone know if it will be technically possible to install MeeGo on the N8?
I got excited when I read about Nokia pushing an official firmware update to the N900 that will allow dual-boot between Maemo and MeeGo. Is the N8's chipset compatible with MeeGo? I'm in the market to buy a new phone (my iPhone 3G is being a real dog) and hardware-wise, the N8 is what I crave, but OS-wise, I'm thinking Symbian^3 would eventually piss me off. I'm thinking it will take all of my willpower to hold off until the fabled N9 arrives running MeeGo.