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by dave

What are some cool things you do with your NAS (network attached storage) device?
Last year, I picked up a Synology DS213+ for some centralized data storage in our house. As a huge data junkie (gigs of photos, videos, music files, etc), I had no idea what I was missing. Synology in particular seems to be doing a pretty great job of adding all sorts of software based features (web servers, email servers, photo, video, and music streaming apps, etc).
I've been having all sorts of fun with it and I feel like I haven't even tapped into an ounce of potential that this NAS has. What...

by frankspin

Pre-built or DIY NAS?
For those of you that have a NAS in your place of living what path did you take? I've been thinking about going the DIY route with UnRaid because of the features and how it's geared more towards media use but then I'd be my own tech support on it. The con of pre-built though is for the cost I'd limiting myself to 2-3 bay and relying on traditional Raid.

If you picked one over the other, why?

by SadBoring

Recommendations for a good 5ghz Wireless Bridge?
I'm looking for a good 5ghz wireless bridge with at least three gigabit LAN ports. Currently, my desktop PC and my Synology DiskStation are connected to my Apple AirPort Extreme via a Netgear 5ghz bridge which has two 100mb ports. This means that Internet traffic goes over the 5ghz link but traffic between the two isn't as fast as it could be if the Netgear bridge supported gigabit. What I want is a 5ghz bridge with at least three gigabit ports (I would like the extra one for my MacBook Pro). I...

by scissor415

I'm adding a Synology Disk Station to my house for storage and media streaming, but I hate my router (i went cheap when i moved and got the cisco-lynksis…
E1000, my bad). the connection is pretty unreliable and i find myself rebooting it at least every other day, sometimes 3 times a day. i will basically run two laptops (both macbooks on snow leopard), a PS3, the Disk Station with visiting pc's, tablets (yeah, all ipad's until later this year) and smart phones. any recommendations for reliable wireless routers that play well with the disk station and macs? i'd have the PS3 and Disk Station plugged into the ethernet ports, so my main...

by happyschneider

I bought a synology ds210j in order to save all my movies and play them over the ethernet with my LG BD390 player in my living room.
So far I encoded all my movies into an AVI file and it plays fine. That is fine for movies but I would like to put all my DVDs away into the cellar. Never touch a disc again except for ripping it ;) Can anybody recommend a good file format to keep all the DVD features such as languages extras and menues? Would be great if anyone has a good solution for this, I don't want to ripp all my movies now and redo it later ;)

by gdgt2

I'm helping a friend upgrade their home office and I need some advice on what NAS to buy.
I am currently considering the Synology DS210+, DS410+ and the HP MediaSmart EX495. My friend can do some basic configuration but doesn't want to need to manage the server so I would like software/driver updates can be automatic. Sort of a set it and forget it device. The NAS will be used to store important files so there needs to be a good level of security & replication. RAID is a plus but I'm willing to consider other stable technology. I am thinking of about 3TB to start (double... Read more →