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by superg05

why has t-mobile not fixed the eip payments on their website
I've always been able to make eip payments online all the way up until the uncarrier change then i had to use bookmarks to even find it again cause it was practically hidden away now its nowhere to be found i can't help but feel like this is a little bit on purpose i have been with t-mobile for over 8 years. at first it was claimed the site was broken and it would be fixed but so much time has gone by you can't help but wonder if it was by design to make it less convenient to pay off early one... Read more →

by kylesturgeon

Cellular Network Differences
Can someone help explain why the iPhone does not currently work on a majority of T-Mobile's HSPA+ 1900MHz networks? I'm currently using a HTC One S in the Philadelphia area with one of T-Mobile's Monthly4G plans--is the One S not using the 1900 MHz frequency? I never see the Philadelphia area listed as one of the cities that currently support T-Mobile's HSPA+ 4G network (example: this article... Read more →

by srendellshelby

Samsung Galaxy S II or HTC One S?
I am not a gdgt person but I want a phone which has a good camera 5+, voice activated for texts etc., hard wearing, I hear the HTC has an extra strong screen. Has GPS and is 4G. Do not want to spend more than $200. Where is the best place to buy from, Wirefly? I am with T-Mobile. Any suggestions on the which is the better phone? Totally confused and neither of these phones have been mentioned in reviews I have viewed either, yet Best Buy and T-Mobile recommend them. Thanks

by dave

How come cellular carriers won't block stolen mobile phones in the United States?
Last week, C.W. Nevius, a columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle, wrote an editorial on how to potentially curb smart-phone thieves. He argued that some carriers in foreign countries (e.g., Australia) will actually block mobile phones from their networks if reported stolen. (See: http://articles.sfgate.com/2011-12-03/bay-area/30473599_1_phone-companies-smart-phone-phone-thefts)
From the SF Chronicle: Australia uses something akin to a serial number, basically a 15-digit fingerprint found on
... Read more →

by deejayem

Should I Trade my blackberry 9900 for an android lg g2x?
The droid is in perfect condition, plus he's gonna give me am extra 100 bucks. Blackberry just isn't keeping up and though I love the physical keyboard the software is really getting to be a little too problematic. I used to love my bb for bbm... But that's not even reliable anymore plus most of my pals moved over to iPhone. I have honestly never played around with android and in interest of helping me make the best decision I'll give you some of my concerns/other factors. -when you switch a... Read more →

by kylesturgeon

Are the Telco's stealing money with their ETFs?
Now that new phones like the Droid RAZR and Nexus Prime are creeping up to the $249/$299 price points, are the Telcos under any obligation to adjust their ETFs? Are these new phones really that much more expensive to manufacture that the consumer has to pay $50-$100 more while still being handcuffed with a $350 ETF?
Not to mention new policies like Tmobile's automatic contract extension if you want to change your calling plan. To me, a policy like this clearly contradicts the Telco's claims that... Read more →

by kris

After loss of signal, how can I get cell phone service back faster?
This weekend I attended New York Comic Con at the Javits Center. I've been to that convention center many times, and I know it's pretty notorious for terrible cell service inside the building. The basement is especially bad. I attended an hour-long panel down there this year and even after I went upstairs to the ground floor I still didn't get reception back. I went outside to 11th Avenue (as in on the street, under the open sky, as open as NYC can get, anyway) and still nothing. It took two... Read more →

by AndrewL9008

What are the options for unlimited tethering / hotspot use among the US carriers?
So I'm on Sprint currently, and they have announced that they're killing unlimited data use through their hotspot add-on plan, which I use. It's a major bummer, because I specifically opted for that option as it would let me use data freely without worrying about the 5gb cap that other carriers and other plans have. (I don't go crazy with it, but I do go over 5gb often) And now I'm right back where I started, with a cap. They won't even be grandfathering in users like myself who signed a... Read more →

by Chroso

Does anyone use a smartphone with a T-Mobile Value plan?
I'm finally getting a smartphone and was thinking about getting an unlocked Nexus One or Nexus S and then purchasing a 500 Minute Value™ Bundle with Data (Unlimited Plus) plan for $50 a month from T-Mobile.

Does this sound like a good plan? I want to get a GSM phone and it seems like buying the phone I want unlocked and getting the plan separately is the cheaper way to go.

Thanks for any advice!

by timchoi89

How can I make the switch from Google Voice back to my real number less painful?
Google Voice is starting to really annoy me. Recently, I've been failing to receive calls when people call my Google Voice number, "texts" take forever to send over the Google Voice app despite having a solid data connection (main complaint), and the Google Voice app just sucks UI-wise when compared to other fully featured SMS apps. I've been thinking about going back to my regular number because of these issues several times in the past 6 months but I've been stuck to Google Voice because of... Read more →

by wrlee

Should US carriers be forced to use compatible LTE frequencies?
Purchasing a smartphone is not an cheap matter. In most of the world, and notably Europe, mobile phone communication technologies (including frequencies) are standard and allow users to change carriers, and continue to use the devices upon which they've spent money and built their lives around. In some countries, SIM-locking devices to a carrier is not allowed. The technology divide between GSM and CDMA in the US has been a barrier to easy migration between one carrier and another. Even if not... Read more →

by Dunnion

What cell carrier has best reception on Caltrain?
I commute up and back from SF daily on Caltrain. I currently have an AT&T phone that gets decent signal on the way up to work in the morning, but in the afternoon I'd be lucky to load a couple of web pages. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with other carriers? Ultimately I want to get a wifi device so that I can get my Xoom or laptop online for my commutes, I would prefer 4G speed, but being able to connect at all would be a requirement.

by korbendalis

Are there any true World Phones available across all US Carriers?
I am currently a disgruntled T-mobile customer that wants to keep his contract-free plan and GSM (Galaxy S; Vibrant) phone/ Tab. I can't go to AT&T because T-mo uses different bands and Verizon/ Sprint are completely out because their bands are incompatible. Is there any Android-based (or any) phone in existence that supports all the major US carriers? Am I stuck with the US carrier that I start with? is there no way to change carriers without getting stuck in a Contract or outright buying...

by kris

Would you like to be in a T-Mobile commercial?
Just got this in my e-mail box: ---- DO YOU WANT TO BE FEATURED IN A T MOBILE ONLINE AD CAMPAIGN? We are casting various REAL, EXISTING T-Mobile customers who own the following devices to star in a :60-:90 second online commercial spot. A camera crew would follow you for a day in your REAL life and document how your T-Mobile device helps navigate your lifestyle. ONE DAY SHOOT. We are casting: T-MOBILE GALAXY TABLET USERS We are Casting (2 people) 25-35 years old, T-Mobile Galaxy Tablet users.... Read more →

by userd40ad11b74f

iPhone 5/4S: How many US carriers?
So Apple added Verizon as a carrier option and sales increased significantly. Will Apple add T-Mobile and Sprint as carrier options for iPhone 5/4S? Or will Apple stick with the big guys and leave the little fish for Google? Together T-Mobile and Sprint have a similar number of customers to AT&T or Verizon. I think that is too big a market to ignore at this point in the game. The antenna issues for a single phone for all carriers in the US are not trivial, but if Apple can pull it off...