August 27th 2012 9:24 am


Ubi is a voice activated computer that plugs into a wall outlet. It’s able to access almost anything you can access on the Internet through a wifi connection and it can control and monitor any appliance or device connected to it.

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Marcus21 Marcus21

This is definitely a beta product, so I'm not sure if a product review like with other products that are released is fair. But can definitely see a lot of the potential here. There's a website that you have to log into to get started with the Ubi but theyre adding some cool features to it and you...

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tnm tnm

The (special edition unit at least) Ubi is one of those good idea poor execution things. It is essentially the same thing as Google Now. You might as well use your phone. They add some extra data to the voice service which is nice and they will allow developers to add features and it will be able...

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markb55 markb55

UBI s became alive through Kickstarter. UBI is a great idea with a good potential The main idea is to be able to ask questions ( Google search) get vocal reminders and do other stuff while using speech recognition .Here is where the UBI fails to deliver. The speech recognition engine of the UBI...

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