February 26th 2013 10:28 am


By sensing the motion and electrical activity of your muscles the MYO armband from Thalmic Labs lets you use your hand, arm and fingers to control your computer or video games. Basically it lets you become a Jedi. The MYO is expected to ship later this spring for a retail price of $149.

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LordOfCthulu LordOfCthulu

The Myo Armband is an incredible new piece of wearable tech. A lot of people have had issues with the gestures at first but you can create a custom profile in the Myo Connect program on your computer to greatly improve gesture recognition. After this is done, it works great. It is also...

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Healthier Healthier

The band is great. Other than the inevitable scaling down of the electronics to provide a lighter, more powerful device, the form is great. The gesture controls leave much to be desired at the moment though, but I'm convinced, as I was when I first saw the product, that with crowdsourcing data...

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