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by day2dayg33k

Did cut the cord
Recently, I ask the good folks over gdgt, what good alternative options there are over cable, and the suggestions were outstanding. I did cut the cord, now my other question to you is, what about the Tivo? Do you still a cable provider for it or you can use it to stream online content ?

by ryan

What's the best way to use your DVR (or other home theater devices) from another room?
I'm looking to use my primary home theater's TiVo Premiere to play back video on a second TV set downstairs in the bedroom, and I've got hard ethernet, coax, and power as means of transit.
Originally I was just looking alternatives to the TiVo Preview (which, knowing TiVo, probably won't be available to consumers until sometime later in 2012 -- if we're really lucky) and TiVo MRV (I don't really want to pay for a second TiVo, plus service), but at the end of the day it's probably easier to just... Read more →

by bigbny

OTA HD and Tivo
How does Over The Air HD work with Tivo? Does anyone have experience? Can I cancel my Tivo subscription if I dont need their EPG? I am assuming I can use the signal from the antenna as a source and then set my Season Passes to be hard coded to channel and time. Is there a better solution?