May 21st 2012 9:37 am


by sintpa

Gdgt Score of 74 on the TiVo Mini
So I've read every single critic review on the TiVo Mini and wrote one of my own on the Amazon listing. Since all/most of the six critic reviews posted don't include a score, they've concluded that each reviewer rates the Mini a 7.0. I'm a bit confused. For example, Ed Baig from USA Today's article is titled, "Why Mini may make you fall back in love with DVR". I would conclude from Ed's review that he thinks the Mini is at least an 8.0 and probably a 9.0. I personally think the TiVo Mini in its... Read more →

by Dignan17

"you'll need a wired network or a workaround"
I'm not sure I'd say "a workaround." MoCA is a perfectly good networking method that gets better performance than WiFi in most situations. Some users (like myself) will be able to simply plug the Mini into a cable outlet and go, because Fios routers have MoCA built into them, and the Tivo Premiere boxes do too. Even if your router doesn't have it, you can buy an adapter for about $120 and get really high speeds to any area of your house with a coax jack.
It's a small nit to pick, but I wanted to... Read more →