March 2nd 2010 7:01 pm


by AdamWillis

Is TiVo really worth the money?
I've been thinking of ways to save some cash lately and cable keeps coming front and center to me as money that could be better spent.
Now this might seem overly complicated but I currently don't have a DVR and I'm paying $12/month to rent this STB. So my original idea was to buy a TiVo and not pay $12/month. To my surprise, I'll instead be paying around $20/mo due to the cost of the service subscription and renting a cable card from Verizon (fios). For $20/mo I can get a multi-room DVR from... Read more →

by frankspin

TiVo set to take on Slingbox with the new TiVo Stream, but will TiVo users buy it?
During the first day of the NCTA Cable Show, TiVo came out with a bang by introducing the TiVo Stream. The device works in conjunction with either the TiVo Premier Q or Premiere. The Stream will be available in retail outlets or through your cable provider if they use TiVo-based DVRs. The Stream will work by transcoding the DVR’s content or live TV so that it can play on cell phones or tablets. TiVo is claiming that “unlike similar offerings in the market, this is the first product to enable... Read more →

by nitehawk

Leaf+ HD antenna with TiVo Premiere XL
I am considering switching my tv subscription from DirecTV, which I love but it's still expensive compared to an HD antenna. Over the years I have become so in love with having a DVR (I used to have Comcast) that I couldn't imagine going back so I would need something like TiVo if I made the swtich.
Doing some research it seems that the Leaf+ is the best option out there, and the TiVo Premiere XL will work with anything. The HD antenna is pretty cheap and seems that I can mount it inside, even... Read more →

by joegasz

Is anyone getting a green circle of death and a black bar where the suggested show normally are?
This video show it Tivo's work around is to switch back to the SD UI but if I wanted that I would have bought Tivo 3 for a lot less money. I have been living with this for 3 months now. The also have no idea how long it will be until they have a fix. When I suggest they roll back the software to before the issue started, they claim they can not do that. Not being able to go back if the roll out fail is a cardinal sin of software implantation. On a new front Tivo... Read more →

by peter

So to follow up on what I wrote last week, I have to say that I'm really glad I did this and only wish I'd taken the plunge earlier and bought this…
1TB drive earlier. Over the past few weeks I'd thought about springing for a TiVo Premiere -- the UI on my Scientific Atlanta box is just awful -- but for an investment of just $65 I was able increase my DVR's recording capacity ten fold. And since actually watching a TV show will be the same whatever box I use, it seemed like this was a better value for my money than any other option right now.

by Shultzman

In short: Don't upgrade until they fix the new software.
Here's why: I have owned almost every version of TiVo over the years. (10+ units) I have really enjoyed using TiVo and have always seen each new version as an upgrade that was better than the last. So far the my new Tivo Premiere XL is proving to be the exception. I have read that they are still working on the software and will make it faster in a future update but in my opinion they should not be shipping this product yet. For the first time in my TiVo experience, I'm having issues... Read more →

by awh5017

Boxee Box vs. TiVo Premiere
After listening to the most recent Engadget HD podcast (#181), the guys over at Engadget discussed at length the optimal (DVR) set top boxes available. When The Boxee Box was announced, I was convinced this would be my first set-top box (outside of my 360). Now with the TiVo Premiere announcement, I could get a set-top box with DVR capabilities (albeit with a high up front cost of ~$700). The Engadget HD guys didn't seem to thrilled with the TiVo Premiere. I've never owned a DVR, so I... Read more →

by peter

I almost pre-ordered one, but couldn't pull the trigger...
I almost pre-ordered the Premiere today, but just couldn't do it. The price for the box itself isn't so bad -- I was going to buy the $299 model -- but the price for monthly service held me back (it's $12.95/month, $299 for three years or $399 for lifetime). That raises the total cost of ownership to a level that just feels like a bit too much to spend when I already feel like I watch more TV than I should. The integrated online services are nice, but I get most of those through... Read more →

by EG

How Slow is the UI?
Did you guys see the video on Engadget that had a demo of the box? Man, that really disappointed me as the whole UI looked really sluggish. The TiVo Search Beta UI has been around for a year or two on Series 3 / TiVo HD and I had the same problem with it. It's justt too slow. The video on Engadget made me feel the same way. Even "simple" things like selecting a show would pop up the spinning wheel hourglass thing, and watching the right side of the menus stream in item by item when... Read more →

by kevincupp

What will this replace?
As a long time TiVo user, I'm very excited for this upgrade. Furthermore, I'm wondering what exactly I'll get to replace in my entertainment center. It's difficult to see exactly what we can do from the press event details, could this be something that could take the place of Boxee and Hulu? Or even my Apple TV? I'm all for simplifying my gadgets by having one take the function of many, so the possibilities are very exciting!

by ryan

Very exciting, can't wait to put it through its paces
I got a demo of the Premiere recently, and simply put, I was extremely excited. Microsoft set the bar high with Windows Media Center, and TiVo has lagged for years and years. But I think this puts TiVo at least on par with the best of what's out there right now, if not right back on top of the DVR heap. Between the Premiere and Phone 7, I think 2010 is already starting to shape up quite nicely.