September 7th 2011 2:55 pm


A good DVR, but it could still be so much more


TiVo continues to stand head and shoulders above provider-issued DVRs, but it still falls short of the expectations we had when it first launched.

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Engadget May 10, 2012

The bottom line is the only reasons cable subscribers might not want to go with the Premiere is that they'd rather roll their own DVR, they couldn't care less about the experience or they're just cheap.

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PC World Jan 23, 2012

While its ability to record 4 shows simultaneously and its search and streaming media support impress, the TiVo Premiere Elite suffers from lack of support for cable providers' on-demand media--and it's very pricey.

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PC Mag Jan 27, 2012

The high-end Premiere Elite DVR has a lot to offer for TiVo fans, but the competition has surpassed TiVo on several key features, particularly support for devices like smartphones and tablets.

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About Apr 10, 2012

Couple the UI with hardware you can't get anywhere else and the TiVo Premiere Elite becomes the first choice among set-top DVRs.

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nielej nielej

I had a first gen TiVo. I left when cable started incorporating DVD into their service. Cable DVD is not as good but having it all in one was more appealing. I finally got fed up with cable costs and went to over the air HD channels and the TiVo. Really happy I did especially since it is more...

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Dignan17 Dignan17

I've been a Tivo owner for 11 years now, and despite their slowness (some might say refusal) to innovate, I still believe that they do this product category better than anyone else. Certainly far better than the cable companies. I upgraded to this box when my Series 3 Tivo (not Tivo HD) started...

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