August 20th 2013 9:46 am


by frankspin

What is the next consumer tech gadget to fade into the past?
Similar to a discussion I started last week ( discussing gadgets we were all buying ten years ago, I realized in that same time certain consumer product categories have come and gone. There are even certain product groups that "merged" together. Even our product database has sections dedicated to product categories like Digital Photo Frames and Scanners which were very popular consumer product groups not too long... Read more →

by AdamWillis

Is TiVo really worth the money?
I've been thinking of ways to save some cash lately and cable keeps coming front and center to me as money that could be better spent.
Now this might seem overly complicated but I currently don't have a DVR and I'm paying $12/month to rent this STB. So my original idea was to buy a TiVo and not pay $12/month. To my surprise, I'll instead be paying around $20/mo due to the cost of the service subscription and renting a cable card from Verizon (fios). For $20/mo I can get a multi-room DVR from... Read more →