May 21st 2012 9:36 am


TiVo is bringing streaming to mobile devices, starting with iOS


The TiVo Stream works as advertised, but seems more like a feature that should be built into a DVR, as opposed to a standalone $129 accessory. If you're a TiVo Premiere owner and just want to be able to stream your favorite shows on your phone or tablet while around the house or transfer the occasional show to help you keep up with your novellas on the road, this could be a good fit. On the other hand, it's a steep price to pay when you consider all the other ways to stream and download shows to your devices. After all, $129 will buy you plenty of shows through iTunes or Google Play.

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Engadget Sep 4, 2012

The TiVo Stream works as advertised, but seems more like a feature that should be built into the DVR, as opposed to a standalone $129 accessory.

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AllThingsD Aug 28, 2012

Without calling the cable company or buying new televisions, I was suddenly able to watch TV in several rooms of my house.

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CNET Aug 31, 2012

For TiVo Premiere owners with iOS devices, the TiVo Stream is a cool addition to your AV setup and mobile life.

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PC Mag Sep 7, 2012

If you have a Premiere DVR, TiVo Stream lets you download and stream video to your Apple mobile devices, but a high price, the need for extra hardware, and copy-protection limitations keep it from being a must-have.

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Wired Oct 15, 2012

For all its limitations, the Stream works really well at slinging content from big screen to small.

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Time Aug 31, 2012

All in all, TiVo Stream does its job well ... It is, however, only one piece of the puzzle. If you aren’t currently a TiVo user, you’ll need Stream and a TiVo Premiere and a subscription to the TiVo service and (possibly) one or more MoCA adapters.

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Zatz Not Funny Aug 29, 2012

The TiVo Stream goes on sale next week, but you can probably order yours right now for $130, plus tax and possibly shipping. If you have an iPad and any variant of the TiVo Premiere, I can’t think of a reason why you wouldn’t.

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